3 Great Reasons To Hire A Skip For Your Spring Cleaning

3 Great Reasons To Hire A Skip For Your Spring Cleaning

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November 18, 2020
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1. Economical And Time Saving

When you hire a removals company, instead of doing all that manual work yourself, they will come and do it for you. The result is increased productivity and less stress. You can use that time you save for more productive things like cooking your dinner. Or cleaning.

Or doing one of those stupid quizzes in buzzfeed which always lead to something terrible popping up at the end about your personality!. Yes, your car can be used for more than driving around. It can also mean that you won’t have to dump your trash in large piles on the ground, like they did in the olden days. Even so, an electric 6 yard skip hire is environmentally friendly and much quicker at getting rid of rubbish. In fact, you could probably fill it up with more than your car can hold!.

Now consider how much rubbish you can fit in the boot of your car. Now think about how many times you will need to drive to the tip and back in order to empty that boot over and over again. Then consider the vast amount of energy you will waste putting things in your car, driving there, unloading, driving back, and repeating.unfortunately, this is how most people handle their email inbox. They keep finding new things to put in their email boot and then driving back and forth to the tip, wasting time, money and petrol. This causes them to be fed up with the process and never look forward to emptying it again.

2. Big Items

Once the skip has been filled its contents will be removed, to where …

Well, thats not important. What is, is the size of the skip youve booked - some arent that large. __ 4. Green skips.

Skips can also come in several colours, green being the most popular as the name suggests. There are little difference between them and they all do the same job. You might be paying a little more for an environmentally friendly skip but at least you can tell yourself youre making a good choice and being kind to mother earth.a skip can be used to dispose of any large items that you have lying around. Almost anything can be placed in a skip and removed quickly, and skips are ideal for getting rid of old mattresses, broken furniture and other bulky items that dont belong in your home or garden.

Skips are also ideal for organic waste such as grass cuttings, leaves and hedge clippings, because they prevent these materials from ending up in landfill sites where they can cause pollution.think of big things when you are thinking about getting a skip. Anything indoors is fair game. Just leave space in between the items and try to place them along walls or around corners so that there is easier access for the skip lorry and driver.you may be thinking “i just want to get rid of a few bits and pieces’, but it wont take long until you have filled that awkward space with other unwanted items from around the home. Before you know it, a skip could be your only realistic option.

3. Simplicity

Hiring a skip is very cheap these days. To hire a 20 cubic yard skip (which is an awful lot of rubbish) will cost you about £150-£200 in my local area. This price is for me to take the wheelie bin to the tip. This can be even cheaper if you go there yourself and drive the bin into a designated loading bay. So what does the skip hold?

It depends on how big it is, but typically speaking the 20 yard skip will hold at least 25 or 30 large black bags worth of waste. The smaller skips will hold less obviously – 10 black bags worth. That means i pay about 50p/bag and fill up 2 skips for £200.for many, sorting waste for the skip hire will be a waste of your time. I’m prone to this view myself so when i was looking for a skip hire company i insisted that the waste was sorted in an acceptable manner. That said, you should also be aware that there is always more than one way of doing things and there are opinions on both sides of this argument.when you go to the tip with your rubbish you have to sort everything out.

Cardboard in one place, electricals in another, and garden waste somewhere else. When you hire a skip you take the guess work out of what needs to go where and have one very large box in which to put everything in  simple!. My yard waste is easy to handle when i have a skip. I know that everything will fit and go in one place. It is very simple for me to put my yard waste into the green bin or recycling containers when there is a skip ready for me.are you looking to dispose of your garden waste, or remove the rubbish from a building site? Whatever your circumstances, hiring a skip could be the best solution.


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