3 Ways To Reduce Skip Costs

3 Ways To Reduce Skip Costs

Published in Waste management
November 12, 2020
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1. Choose The Right Size

What you need to do with your skip is load it right. If it is not loaded properly, this can throw off how much space there is in your skip. If you are over or under your skip by even two yards (which may not seem like much) you have potentially wasted £30!

This may not seem like much but i assure you that after a number of skips, the cost adds up quite quickly. We are often quoted over-estimated skips by people who want the “best deal” however, this almost guarantees that there will either be more waste than they planned for and therefore they will be charged extra or not have the room to dispose of their waste which leads to them creating another skip and paying double fees. Choosing the right skip size can save you money in the long run as a smaller skip permits you to recycle more of it and dispose of less waste.

However, it’s imperative to determine how much waste you need to get rid of prior to booking your skip. After all, if you hire a large skip and fill it with a small quantity of waste, then you could be wasting money. This is why i recommend calling an expert to help advise on the size of skip needed. As a rough guide, for domestic home clearances a two yard bin will suffice.

2. Road Permits

Two of the most common alternatives to hiring a skip are your household waste disposal service or organising a local minibus hire. These services provide you with an alternative solution so your rubbish can be transported away in an eco-friendly manner. Make sure youre aware of the time frames for collection and delivery when youre considering these two options. See www.rubbishclearancelondon.co.uk for more information on how to clear away your junk without using a skip, which types of skip permit will work best for you, and what to do with your garden waste once it has been removed.

While skip hire is cheap and convenient, the cost of skip permits can be confusing. The cost varies from city to city and this makes it difficult to calculate how much you will spend in total on skip hire for your job. This leads people to try to avoid the permit system by placing their skips illegally, which is a serious offence. With our great value service, you will think our prices are too good to be true. Dont worry, they really are!.

If you are thinking about hiring a skip to help tidy your garden, driveway or loft, it is important that you have sufficient space to hold the skip. The cost of the permits for hiring a skip can be just as expensive as hiring the skip itself. If you find yourself with nowhere accessible to place the skip, you could find yourself out of pocket by having to purchase a permit.each district council will have different regulations for the procedures that need to be followed when applying for a road permit. To ensure the skip is in position before the permit expires, it’s important to plan your skip hire accordingly.if you do need to purchase a permit, your local council will be able to provide you with one for a fee. If you dont need a permit, make sure your neighbours are aware of the skip hire and vehicle movements before getting started.also known as dumpster or skip permits, road permits are the permit you will need from your local council if you intend to place a commercial skip on public property.

3. Time Restrictions

Hiring a skip for diy projects can not only help you save money but can be good fun too. Whether you are planning on doing some gardening or need to get rid of waste following a building project, hiring skips is the ideal solution . With so many companies offering flat rate prices, skip hire is a budget-friendly way of disposing of waste.

However, when hiring a skip you should take many things into account including the distance from your home to your chosen site, getting the right sized skips and hiring for the right amount of time to suit your needs. There are a number of factors that should be considered prior to hiring as well as helpful hints on how to hire a skip with ease.3. Time restrictions. This is an extremely important factor to take into consideration when hiring a skip for your needs.

There are instances known to occur where companies would hire a skip, only to realize that they will not use the entire time period of the quote given. A common instance for this would be if you currently reside far away from the area of your waste disposal and you need a longer time frame in order to transport the waste from one location to the other where the skip will be placed. You may opt to pay for extra time at an additional cost, but this has been known as a disadvantage due to the added fees that may be incurred.a lot of times when we have a project being delivered, it can be something that requires needs to be done in a short amount of time to meet the deadlines set by our client.

The last thing you need is to look up and see that you may not be able to have your rubbish cleared at all or on time because of your busy schedule. Hiring a professional skip has helped me in the past tremendously when i needed to get rid of waste quickly.most skip rental companies have a time frame which you are expected to fill up the container. Be careful to ensure you know how long they will allow you to fill the skip before extra fees may be applied. With this being said, you should always be prepared to rent a larger skip container, than what you actually require.

This will give you ample leeway in the event that your waste disposal goes over time or volume.time restrictions are a major factor in skips. One customer may need the skip for two weeks while another will need it for just an afternoon. Know how long you will need the hire and ensure that you, and only you, can access the skip until its return date at the end of its hire period. If not, you could be charged for it being off-site at an extra cost.


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