7 Common Sense Skip Hire Safety Tips

7 Common Sense Skip Hire Safety Tips

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July 05, 2021
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Consider Public Safety

When thinking about a waste disposal service like a skip, first think about the safety and wellbeing of road users. If a skip is to be placed on the public highway, it’s extremely important that road safety legislation is followed. This will ensure that the structure meets planning and regulation standards and if there are any problems with this then a skip can’t be placed on the public highway.if you are having a skip put on your land, and the access to the site is on a public road, make sure that you check with the council.

You may need permission but also might need a safety barrier or reflective markers. When planning your skip remember to consider public safety. If the skip will be on a public road notify us about this so that we can make sure that the skip is suitable.

We may not be able to place certain skips on certain roads because of their size and if it’s made from combustible materials.public safety is our number one priority. We’re the experts on using traffic cones and high-visibility vests, so we want to make sure your skip is safe for everyone. If you have a public road where the skip needs to be placed, we can get the traffic cones and vests you need.if you call us for a skip and it is to be placed on a public road, in the first instance we will get a permit and make sure all safety equipment is in place. We can do both of these things on your behalf if needed.if you are not sure where your skip is going to be sited, then you might need to consider the residential and public safety factors.

Load The Skip Responsibly

Filling a skip quickly is no easy task. After all, the faster you move the more energy you will use up. If the skip is loaded too heavily or if there are too many small items, it will be difficult to fill and leave little room for larger items. When placing your rubbish into a skip, 3-4 cubic yards of waste should be enough waste to fill a 10 by 4 yard (1000 litres) skip. But how much weight can actually fit into a 1000 litre blue skips?

Below is a list of materials and how much of this waste each 1000 litre blue skips is able to hold.skip hire companies do not recommend loading your skip any heavier than 75 -80% full as this is the safest and most efficient way to load the skips. Professional companies will also ensure that if they are on site loading then their access to the skip will not be blocked by items which will not fit into the skip. It is very important you check with your hired company before you place bulky or materials into your skip to ensure it’s going to fit and won’t cause an obstruction.when you have a lot of waste to dispose it’s very tempting, whether you are in the business or do it privately, to have a fleet of skips lined up and just keep chucking stuff into them. This can work out fine – until the day comes when one is full, and it is probably not the one you need at that moment. That’s when it’s really important to load up a skip responsibly so that you get maximum use from your skip hire without incurring oversize or additional charges.many domestic and commercial skip hire sites will advise loading smaller items of rubbish at the bottom (in a way that is similar to how they would fill skips in the build industry).

This can be very tempting when trying to fill a skip as quickly as possible. However, by following this tip, you are drastically reducing the amount of space in your container.the art of packing skips is a skill not many of us have mastered. We’re the type that would jump in, throw everything in, shovel some soil on top and then wonder why we have an overspill when the skip is collected. The fact is that the fill rates for hirers are heavily dependent upon this practice.skips come in a variety of sizes, so it is important that the one you are loading correctly fits your needs. When loading a skip, remember to use and load the skip responsibly and the next time you need waste disposal services , contact westbury skip hire and ask for our professional advice.

Do Not Overfill

Many people often ask us if it is possible to fill a skip with no particular weight restrictions. The answer is yes; however, this must be done carefully. We recommend that you first speak to your skips hire company about their individual rules and regulations for overfilling skips.

If they do permit it, then we recommend that you never fill over 5 or 10% of an additional 25% onto what the skip is meant to hold. This will mean that you wont burden yourself with unnecessary weight when loading the skip and will also help prevent any unwanted accidents.filling a skip to the top is not only illegal, but it can pave the way for rogue fly-tipping. Fly-tipping is one of the most serious issues facing councils in the uk today, with tackling it costing an estimated £1.75 billion per year. Not only does fly-tipping cost taxpayers money, but it pollutes and damages nearby land and rivers by littering and even toxic waste.you should never ask the skip supplier to fill your skip over the top.

The idea of course is that they are professionals who know better than you do in terms of how much waste to put in the skip. Not only will overfilling your skips cause an accident, but your not getting the best deal when the skip is overfilled.my local skip hire company add a warning when hiring out skips to say you must not overfill or underfill a skip. When hiring out our skips we like to suggest that people fill their skip a third full as the base, then a third of the way up and finally one more layer ending at the top.overfilling not only makes the contents too heavy for the lorry, which can cause damage to the vehicle , it also obstructs both itself and your property . The skip should be filled right to the top rather than overfilled.

Delivering Skips Throughout Lancashire

Delivering skip has become the most popular and widely used waste management service in the united kingdom. Our staff consists of trained professionals who are dedicated to giving proper service to each of our valued clients. We have established easy-to-use offices across the country, making it possible …delivering skip hire throughout lancashire.

We are now able to offer a larger coverage area for our services as we have established links with partner companies within the county who share our ethos of reliable service, affordability and a pro-active approach to recycling.for more than ten years we have been providing cost- effective skips and waste collection services to clients throughout lancashire and beyond. As a family run business, we pride ourselves on offering flexible, dependable skip hire service that also offers value for money.we are a family run business that first opened for business in october 2010. We pride ourselves on prompt, efficient and friendly service with a personal touch. We also provide a comprehensive skip hire service and general waste clearance service throughout lancashire.

J skip hire are a fast growing family run business with over 18 years experience in the skip hire industry, we have bases in blackpool and carnforth offering a complete skip hire service to the general public and trade in an area spanning from blackburn to preston. We are primarily a skip hire company, but have branched out into the waste disposal business. We have our own transport fleet so are able to go where others cannot. We can collect and deliver materials on behalf of our customers throughout lancashire.


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