Skip Size Guide

Skip Size Guide

Published in Waste management
October 05, 2020
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What Waste Will You Be Getting Rid Of?

Have you ever watched a tv series, movie or even an episode of america’s funniest home videos and wondered “what waste will i be getting rid of this week?“. I’m not trying to make light (pardon the pun) of your problem if it really is out of control. I know that many people suffer from this condition - especially those that work at home.

I was watching home improvement this weekend and just thought that if tim allen had read this post then maybe his problem could have been solved 10 years early.many people get confused between skip hire, rubbish removal or junk disposal services. They hear the words skip or junk and think you want to fill their companies 40 yard skips with everything including the kitchen sink. The truth is usually far from this, since most clients only need a few items removed like old furniture, sofas and sometimes clearing a garage or garden shed.use a service that will help you measure the waste you are sending to landfill. Whether it is christmas trees or garden waste, you should be able to quantify the impact and understand what you are getting rid of.

This will allow you to have a better understanding of your company’s impact on the environment as you will be able to track your progress over time.which type of waste you are disposing of will have a direct impact on your waste disposal costs. Certain types of waste such as garden waste can be much cheaper than general waste. The same can be said for timber and wood waste. So specifying this up front to your waste company can help reduce your costs.another essential element of a successful waste management program is the actual way in which your waste will be moved and managed.

Different tactics can be utilised depending on the area you are in. These include:. What waste will you be getting rid of? With a bit of research this isn’t just a simple question — it’s a great chance to make sure that you’re disposing of your waste the most efficient way possible.

Consider The Scope Of Your Project

The size of skip you will need is dependent on a number of factors, such as the amount or ‘weight’ of waste and volume of waste produced. The size of skip you order will need to accommodate your waste and be big enough to allow for free flow within the skip – generally, skips are higher rather than wider.

This is because they need to have a better loading aspect, so that more can be accomodated in them in one go. It is best to assess all options before ordering from comparison sites or directly from haulage companies in order to ensure you’re not overpaying.alternatively, if your project is smaller in scale and may only take a few days to complete, you can order a smaller skip that will only hold sufficient waste for the time period of the job.

It is worth bearing in mind that depending on the level of activity you are undertaking on site, your skip could fill up within one day, and this means that you may need to order a new skip if you haven’t prepared your budget in advance. This is another important point to consider before choosing the size of your skip.if you only need your skip for a few days, or to take a certain amount of waste away, you might want to order a small skip that can be delivered on the day.

A lot of providers on the market offer what they call “weekend skips”, which are cheaper and deliver them on friday afternoon, with collections being done monday morning. Keep in mind though that these smaller skips will fill up quicker than larger skip sizes.if you are carrying out a large project the size of your build is likely to be a key factor in determining how long you need your skip for.

Our four and six yard skips will both take around volume of waste , but the larger skips are generally more suited to disposing of rubble rather than general household and building waste.if you are only doing a small job, such as a loft clearance or smaller bathroom or kitchen refit, you might need a little or single skips. Obviously, the more rubbish that is generated, like in larger property renovations and builds, then you will need a larger skip.

Consider Your Location & Skip Placement

There are some instances when your skip might need to be placed on a road. If this happens to you, it can be slightly more time consuming to pick from this location, however, it is still possible with a little pre-planning.

For example, if you’re phone line comes into the ground floor of your home you won’t have any problems using a ground floor entrance. Use this knowledge as leverage when speaking with the removal company, you could reduce the cost of delivery considerably!.

Depending on the work to be carried out, you may find larger skips are the best option. The larger your skip is, the more space you will have to fill. Large skips, such as those measuring 8yds x 3yds x 2.5yds are not uncommon; however, this does depend on the size of your project and whether additional space is required.


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