Skiphire Uks Seven Best Lockdown Diy Projects

Skiphire Uks Seven Best Lockdown Diy Projects

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September 15, 2020
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7) Wilmslow Couples Back Garden Bar (Source: Manchester Evening News)

I’m sure all of us have had that moment where we want to relax and enjoy a few drinks in the sun. This couple decided this task wasn’t quite on their bucket list just yet and took matters into their own hands. They bought an old pub sign, garden chairs, a white board for drinks orders, and even taps for the beer. The couple told manchester evening news: “we’ve got all the makings of a pub here.”

So what happens when you have a bar in your back garden?. There’s not much that’s more british than going down the pub for a sunday roast. It’s something that’ll always make your mum proud to see you doing it. But what do you do if you don’t have the cash, or patience to wait around for an hour debating the ethics of the current government?

Well if you’ve got a roof over your head and a few spare minutes, why not get creative and bring the pub home with this wilmslow couple.despite the advertising and fuss that has surrounded the new legislation, it’s fair to say that it hasn’t been met with universal enthusiasm. Many households simply aren’t ready for a late night drinking session yet and a lot of people are still getting used to the new guidelines.“we thought it was a great idea to bring the bar home and make the most of every penny,” said dave. “it saves a lot of time because we are not waiting around for drinks. We would have been at least £100 lighter if we had gone out for a drink that night.this is perfect if you don’t want to relocate. They used old materials from facebook marketplace and set up a bar in their backyard - i wish i had the time to do this.

6) Jodie Loveridges Garden Furniture (Source: Metro)

Like many of us, jodie loveridges is not a fan of excess waste. So when a neighbour in her block of flats had their decking removed for replacement, she took the opportunity to make a few quick and easy garden table made entirely out of old and used wooden pallets, this diy not only reduces waste, it creates it into a beautiful piece of garden furniture — and all you need are these basic tools:.

It was made entirely out of old and used wooden pallets, and it took me a year to collect them. I wanted it to have a natural, rustic feel and they were just lying on the side of the road or in the skip, being discarded. It has a nice mixture of colors and wood types so keeps an industrial feel.making something as simple as pallet furniture can give you the motivation to create your own, garden furniture, work bench or even a unique coffee table.

With so many uses for wooden pallets, why not save a few from the skip to make some thing new?. The furniture pieces are sturdily built and made from old and worn pallets. All of the waste wood is recycled, down to the screws, which means that jodie was able to keep costs low, as she sourced most of her materials from free sources.it may seem like a huge venture to build from them, but if you follow these easy and cost-effective steps, you’ll have your very own garden furniture made from old wooden pallets in no time.jodie loveridges is an artist and furniture maker who gives unwanted/recycled materials a second life, by transforming them into stunning pieces of art and home-furnishings.

3) Alicias Up Styled Tyre Garden (Source: Ideal Home)

Old car tyres have long been recognised as a difficult waste stream to process, but that hasn’t stopped designers using them in a variety of applications. This tyre garden by alicia mellow from south yorkshire is a great example of how they can be utilised. It doesn’t just look great though – the garden has that ‘green thumb’ touch you just can’t buy!.

You’ve probably seen this one floating around on pinterest. As creative as it is simple, a round tyre resting on a square piece of wood has proven to be very appealing for readers. If you’re interested in using old tyres for something useful like this, check out our guides to waste tyre recycling and what to do with used car tyres.it’s certainly an eye-catching piece of garden furniture, and one the family will remember for years to come.

Whether or not you love the design, it’s still a great idea for using old car tyres which would have been sent to landfill.these “up styled tyre garden” are not only practical, they are beautiful. There is something quite captivating about the fact that tyres have been used in this way – i can imagine people wanting to visit just to see them.i’m sure most people would not immediately think to use old tyres for this, but it’s a really creative way of repurposing a waste stream that otherwise would be destined for the rubbish.old tyres can be hard to recycle, but their lifespan in the garden doesn’t need to come to an end. Find out more about up cycled tyre furniture, below.



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