Weird And Wonderful Items Found In Skip Hire

Weird And Wonderful Items Found In Skip Hire

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August 16, 2020
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1) A Caravan

A truly unique skip find happened in st austell near truro in cornwall.

Skip hire in truro have recently come across an abandoned caravan hidden away in their 12-yard skip. The caravan was cut into sections and lifted into the skip.

Clearly this must have been a labour of love as no small amount of time and effort had to be put into this removal.after removing this caravan, we moved a skip outside of a construction site. After opening the skip up, to our surprise there was a caravan inside!

This even got the contractors who actually needed the skip to use double takes as they passed outside wondering where this large maroon coloured caravan came from.yet again, another individual made the mistake of trying to dispose their waste in one of our skips. Whilst we cant condone what theyve done, it has given us the opportunity to explain how harmful this sort of action can be to the environment.along with other household and building materials, caravans are one of our most commonly found items on skip hire in sheffield and we needed to make sure we did not cause any damage to the surrounding areas.a caravan was found abandoned in a skip, nearly weeks after it was discovered.

The caravan was found by a passing worker who noticed the caravan had been dumped into the skip.this year, weve seen an unusually high number of unusual items found in our skips. From door-less fridges to caravans to paint tins… come see for yourself!.

5) Pictures Of Tower Bridge?!

Tower bridge was completed in 1894, and is one of the most striking london bridges. Its construction was the result of a growing need for improved communication links between the city of london and southwark.

The bridge crosses the river thames, and comprises of two towers (hence its name!). The bascules on either end of the bridge allow it to be raised to let large vessels pass under it.imagine if you will, numerous people taking pictures of one of the worlds most recognisable landmarks.

People visiting london from all over the world want to buy a memento of their trip to london, and for some, they want to remember what the tower bridge looked like when it was being built. Well that’s what this collection of photographs was all about.no one knows who put them in the skip or what happened to them next.

However, now we can enjoy these pictures (kind of) because they have been restored and some of the pictures were even created into a series of postcards. You can go on to the tower bridge exhibition poster website and see these photos that otherwise we wouldn’t have seen!.

The photographs were thought to have been lost for good after the skip had been scrapped. But amazingly, they were found again when the skip was reopened -older but still in tact. The pictures are now being cleaned and preserved at a local museum.

6) Asbestos

Asbestos can become dangerous to your health if exposed and not dealt with in the correct way.

The three most popular types of asbestos are chrysotile, amosite and crocidolite, otherwise known as white, brown and blue.

Asbestos is widespread throughout the construction industry, often used in damp proof courses, along with decorative cladding.the presence of asbestos is usually noted on a building survey or home report, as getting rid of it can be quite tricky.

Youll have to check with the skip company that they can take this on, before loading it into the vehicle.asbestos is dug from the ground and can be quite cheap.

Which is why a lot of businesses used to have asbestos in their buildings, especially older ones where the owners might not have known what they were working with.asbestos is a poisonous and fibrous material once used in a wide variety of construction and industrial materials and products. An incredibly dangerous substance continue reading this article…


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