Brits Are Sick Of Lockdown Fly Tipping

Brits Are Sick Of Lockdown Fly Tipping

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September 11, 2020
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Greater London Makes Small Steps

Although the third largest city in the uk is a busy hub, it seems to be making slow progress in dealing with its rubbish crisis. However, the positivity from back in october 2018 – where people were more likely to share positive stories – isn’t the only thing that has changed. Data for this year shows there has been an overall improvement in how londoners feel about their local government with only 25% of tweets containing a negative sentiment compared with 35% last year. Furthermore, in february 2019 it was revealed that london boroughs must adopt a new system designed to penalise businesses and waste collection operators who don’t clean up after themselves. This campaign, launched by mayor of london sadiq khan, included fines of up to £.

Some good news for the capital then, as independent statistics published today by clearlocal has shown that fly-tipping has decreased by 14%. This is in comparison to its data from last year, which showed that greater london had the highest number of negative tweets complaining about fly tipping. The findings come as a result of an analysis of 41 million tweets across cleaning and haulage industries in 2018.getting a handle on the issue of fly-tipping is an ongoing project for boroughs in greater london. Fly-tipping is a serious problem, which can blight communities and put public health at risk. No doubt that’s why last year, when sifting through social media posts about the issue, we found the topic batted around a lot of emotions - but rarely a positive one.although the number of tweets about fly-tipping may be on the decline, it’s still a growing issue.

Defra estimates there are around 8 million incidents of fly-tipping in england every year. This can be done by dumping illegal waste, or by simply disposing of household refuse such as broken furniture and garden waste, but doing so illegally.so far, london has been the best at keeping its streets clean, with the lowest number of rogue trader tweets and dog fouling incidents in the uk. With 35% fewer rogue trader complaints than last year, is this evidence that rogue traders are falling through the net … or being found out?. Twitter is a great source of information, giving you direct insight into real-time public opinion. With this in mind, we look back at trends in public attitudes to fly tipping in greater london over the past three years.

North Easts Rubbish Crisis Hits The Heart

We also have our very own version of a real north east problem. With rubbish mounting up in the streets - as well as fly-tipped right outside homes and businesses across the region. Tonnes of waste in places that it shouldn’t be and people are counting the cost.

We asked you for your feedback, in order to help our call for action.the north east is the fourth most visited region in england. In the past twelve months we’ve had a lot of problems, but it hasn’t stopped sky news coming up to report on us and other people wanting to be here. I wanted to help support them, but the local council wasnt interested; they even refused funding from the government.one of the most worrying issues that anyone can imagine is to have rubbish in their garden, and the worry that it could be something dangerous.

Last year, we saw a huge surge in fly tipping across the north east, which was linked back to the rise of illegal waste carriers.north east councils have warned that they are in a crisis, yet again. Fly-tipping has been one of the major reasons behind their struggle to clean up the mess we leave behind. However, even though it’s been on the rise, the region’s rubbish crisis isnt a new thing.the north east’s rubbish crisis has affected us all. It’s pushed some areas to their limits and it’s brought out the very worst in others.

South West Incidents To Remain Low

Even though the figures depict the south west in a lukewarm light, it certainly doesn’t mean that there are no fly-tipping incidents.

The figures are just the percentage of reported cases, so the real figure could be higher. In fact, despite the relatively low number of cases in 2012-2013, this region still ranked high with an average cost of five hundred pounds.

This is a worrying fact for businesses looking to save money and those in search of cheaper locations.with the south west region having a population of 5,988,040 and the united kingdom’s population being 65,110,000, it’s no surprise that fly-tipping cases are at a lower amount. Large cities such as london and birmingham will always have a higher rate of fly-tipping due to their high levels of inhabitants.


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